MPI Metalurgija, plastika inženiring d.o.o. is the only Slovene company that has all necessary equipment capacities and technology available to master the recycling of used lead-acid batteries and other lead-base waste. Modern equipment, vast experience and skills, and powerful filter facilities in the company guarantee the highest level of processing of all products, keeping the environmental impact as low as possible and within the scope of legal regulations. The environmental issues, health protection measures and safety of workers attract a special attention of the company.

After disintegration of unified company, Lead mine and smeltery Mežica, in 1990 a new company Rudnik Mežica - Metalurgija, plastika inženiring d.o.o. was established. Its primary activity is recycling of used batteries and other lead-base waste. Care for the environment dictated a massive production of 30.000 to 35.000 tones of refined lead and lead alloys annually. This production also coincides with annual lead consumption in Slovenia.

For the production the company requires approximately 50.000 - 70.000 tones of raw materials (waste materials) which, unfortunately, cannot be supplied in Slovenia. For this reason they are imported from abroad.

Waste materials are recycled into products which are used for re-production of batteries. These are:

  • Refined lead, lead alloys,
  • Polypropilen casings,

and products which are useless:

  • slag,
  • separators and hard rubber,
  • gypsum,
  • gases.

All is produced by M.P.I. d.o.o. company within establishments with the following equipment:

  • with raw material storehouse,
  • with separation of used batteries with the system of technological waters,
  • with rotary furnaces,
  • with refining process,
  • with filter facilities and
  • with corresponding infrastructure facilities.

While performing MPI company activities we recognized environmental aspects which are controlled in Register of environmental aspects (waste waters, air pollution, waste, dangerous substances, noise, raw material and natural resources consumption).