Our mission is environmental protection and consumers’ satisfaction.

We are continuously improving.

We prevent pollution and aim to have as little affect on the environment as possible.

We fulfil legal and other requirements connected to environmental issues and product quality.

We care for health and safety of our employees on posts.

Concern for supplementary education and motivation of our employees is an important factor for achievement of company's objectives.

Aims set for the following 3 years:
  • In production and technology consider the best world practice, with special care for reducing affect on the environment, which will be emphasized in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and with improvement of requirements of IPPC directive.
  • To achieve the highest possible level of lead-base waste recycling.
  • Gradual increase of refined lead and lead calcium alloys production to annual level of 22 000 tones.
  • Development, production and offensive marketing of so called calcium Pb alloys.
  • Sale of 3000 tones of polypropilen regenerate and polypropilen products.
  • To reduce consumption of energy sources and waste on product unit.
  • To fulfil the requirements of safety and health at work. The highest value of Pb in blood of employees (microgram per liter of blood): 300 for men and 100 for women.
  • To make profit.

Management will assure all the necessary sources for fulfilment of the above stated objectives.

Management policy is available to all persons who work for the organization or in its behalf as well as to public.