We are aiming to become an excellent company in the field of lead and lead alloys production as well as other lead-base waste products. We will achieve the highest possible level of product recycling and product application. By this we remain faithful to long-lasting tradition and knowledge. Wide environment is offered a specific environment-friendly service, in so doing we are obliged to protect natural environment of local community, which is supported by our activity. As organisation which is continuously learning and improving with innovative approaches and market-adapted programs we assure safe investment for owners, reliable posts for our employees and the above-average satisfaction of requests and needs to consumers of our products and services.


Our mission is environmental issue and satisfaction of our consumers. This is achieved by elimination of lead-base waste and their recycling into useful raw materials and products.

  • We realize that no program, project or vision can be accomplished without properly qualified, motivated and satisfied co-workers. That is why company employees are the basic company value.
  • Consumers present centre of our performance since without them the company cannot exist.
  • Due to our activity environmental issue is primary and intangible value.
  • We develop and produce excellent products.
  • Active cooperation and development of local community is directly connected with company performance.
  • We are continually changing and innovating.